Data encryption - Safety:

Our customers data protection is very important for us.
Our model regarding data protection is perfectly in harmony with current Italian State laws about personal data protection (law nr. 196 June 30th 2003).
We protect data through a very safe SSL connection channel.
We provide to all data encryption during order placement, data as: Your personal data (address, telephone number, email address etcetera), chosen payment method, informations regarding credit card or bank account.

Advice: credit card data are not recorded on our server.

Data recording, data treatment purposes:

We record only personal data ncessary to execute the contract and manage orders.
We provide your data archiving and recording on our server, when you ask for registration or ask to subscribe to our newsletter.
Unsuscribe newsletter: If you desire to unsuscribe newsletter or to stop receiving our promotional material, click on link indicating automatic unsubscription from our newsletter which is in every email communication sent by RadaelliSport.com .
For all other cases data temporary storage happens exclusively for contract execution and order processing.
You have to right to examine in every moment your data, to request their cancellation or modification, as well as to oppose to data treatment.
In this case we ask you to contact us by phone or email at info@radaellisport.com .
You may consult or modify your data also online. We record data about your order, that will be sent you by email upon order confirmation.
Our purchase general conditions can be viewed in any moment at our website RadaelliSport.com .
Your order data for safety reason are not accessible through internet.
Your data submission is optional. If you would want to deny to communicate Your personal data we will not be able to execute requested operations.
Informations regarding credit card or bank account are used by us or third parties, PayPal.com, only when You mean to purchase online.

Data sharing with third parties:

You can trust us:Your data will not be submitted and/or given to third parties for marketing purposes.
In case of consentYour datawill be used only with purpose of sending promotional material and commercial informations by email/ordinary postage.
In any moment you can oppose to Your data usage for the purpose of promotional material sending or marketing, by contactting us by phone at number +39 031 68 16 37 or by email at the address info@radaellisport.com .
To submit Your orders we submit data to express couriers each time they collaborate with us.

Data consultation:

You have the right to consult your data in any moment.
You can contact us at phone number +39 031 68 16 37 or at the email address info@radaellisport.com .
You have the right to obtain indication about: personal data origin, data treatment purposes and modalities, apllied logic in case of a treatment managed by electronic equipment, data treatment owner and responsibles identification data, about subjects and subjects categories, where personal data can be communicated to or that may get aknowledge about data, as appointees and responsibles.
Furthermore You have the right to obtain: update, rectification which is, when there's interest, data integration, cancellation,
anonymous form transformation or treated data block because of law violation, declaration that operations at points 1) and 2) of the list above have been communicated to persons that have received data.
Furthermore you have the right to oppose: for legitimate reasons to personal data treatment even though relative to data collection purpose, personal data treatment with the purpose of promotional material sending or direct sale or for the accomplishment of market researches or commercial communication.

Data cancellation:

If You in the future would not desire anymore data recording by us as of the limits indicated above, ti is required just a simple communication at the address:

Radaelli Sport srl
Subject: "personal data"
Via Volta 51
22035 - Canzo

Cancellation will take place immediately and we will desist to any further treatment. This communication may happen also by email at the address info@radaellisport.com .

Data treatment owner and responsible personal data:

Personal data owner of the informations submitted by You is Radaelli Sport srl Data treatment responsible is Radaelli Sport srl.
Radaelli Sport srl marketing and sale collaborators, as well as sales and marketing department collaborators at the appointed courier companies
may come into knowledge of Your personal data in quality of appointees to treatment.

Radaelli Sport srl
Via Volta 51
22035 - Canzo

Telephone: +39 031 68 16 37 - info@radaellisport.com


What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file which is recorded in computer when a website is visited by a user. Text records informations that the site is not able to read when it is browsed a second time. Some of these cookies are necessary for website correct functioning, others instead are useful to user as they are able to record in safe mode in example user name or language settings. The advantage to have cookies installed in pc is to avoid to insert same informations a second time whenever it is required to access a website previously visited.

Why does RadaelliSport.com use cookies ?

RadaelliSport.com uses cookies to suplly to its customers a purchase experience customized as much as possible on customer's tastes and preferences.
By cookies usage RadaelliSport.com makes possible that at every visit wouldn't be required to insert same informations.
Cookies are used also with purpose of optimize website performances: in fact they make it easier both purchase procedure and quick search for elements and specific items inside the shop.
To protect personal data from possible data losses and from any illicit treatment RadaelliSport.com has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures indicated above in privacy policy.

How can I unable cookies ?

It is possible to modify browser to unable cookies through a very simple procedure. Attention: by unabling cookies both username and password will not be recorded in website login form fields.


1. Open Firefox
2. Click "Alt" button on keyboard
3. In instruments panel located at the top of the browser, select "Instruments" and then "Options"
4. Select "Privacy" tab
5. Go at "History settigns" and then at "Use custom option". Unselect "Accept Cookies from websites" and save preferences.

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on "Instruments" button and then "Internet Options"
3. Select "Privacy" tab and move scrolling indicator on privacy level you wish to select (upwards to block all cookies and downwards to allow all)
4. Then click OK

Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click on "Instruments" icon
3. Select "Settings" and then "Advanced settings"
4. Select "Content settings" above "Privacy"
5. In "cookie" tab it is possible to deselect cookie and save preferences


1. Open Safari
2. Open "Preferences" in instruments bar, then select "Safety" panel in following dialogue window
3. In section "Accept Cookies" it is possible to specify if and when Safari must save cookie from websites. For further informations click un Help button (labeled by a question mark))
4. For further informations about the cokkies that are recorded in your computer, click on "View cookies"


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