Cancellation and Refund

1) Product return and right of withdrawal

2) Damages at delivery

Product return and right of withdrawal

Customer has the right to withdraw purchase contract without specifying the reason within 14 (fourteen) working days
simply informing us about contract revocation.
Since goods delivery day it starts days counting to the term expected for contract revocation.
Customer has to send us, by email ( or signed postage at the address indicated below, the form delivered along with the order, fully compiled, within these 14 days.

Radaelli Sport
Via Volta 51
22035 - Canzo

It is not possible to ship back or change goods if item has been made following custom parameters or distinctly customized.(i.e.. drilled or with bindings applied skiis).

For any delivery we will attach a product return form along with the instructions about product return procedure.

Damages at delivery

After order delivery we suggest to check goods inside.
If box should present damage signs inform the courier of the fact and sign for delivery done "CONDITIONALLY", in case of a standard signature it will be more complicated to manage a claim with the courier and a possible order refund.

If goods are damaged we suggest to advise courier immediately to avoid possible difficulty in a claim management and order refund.

In any case, for damaged goods, we suggest to contact us immediately:


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